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Oct21-W2: Low volatility week doesn’t make much money

I was pretty much clueless about how Nifty was going to behave during the week. The macro trend is obviously bullish but momentum indicators on daily timeframe have been a bit weak lately. The exact in the middle position with respect to a parallel channel added to the confusion.

This is the easiest setup to create option selling positions. Just sell on both sides with a hope that everything will consolidate. In case price starts breaking out in 1 direction, reduce risk accordingly while adding to the other side.

I did all of the above but I was barely able to money. I hardly closed any positions on Friday and Monday. Whenever I did, the next strike of choice did not come at a valuation which would make money. However, I contended with what came to me. I did not move strikes closer to money.

Eventually, the ROI is above 15% but hey, my true interest is in getting return more than 30% on weekly basis. I guess I can’t have that on all weeks especially when VIX is trending down. I need to calm down and stay happy with what I get, especially when I had disastrous results during first 13 weeks.

I should start looking at banknifty for mean reversion trading setups if I need to quench my greed. Maybe not until week # 26, I suppose. It is not because I would not be able to manage both Nifty and Banknifty but mainly because I still lack enough funds to properly perform mean reversion trading. I have to fund my account a bit more.

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