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Aug21-W2: Uptrend almost over, Nifty to hang around this week (Aug9 to Aug13)?

My last week’s analysis was a case of right observation, wrong diagnosis. Yes, Nifty was range bound but expecting it to remain like this forever was a stupid call. Nifty broke the range to go in in uptrend with high momentum.

Now, here’s what I am looking at:

Nifty does have enough momentum to reach the top of red highlighted channel. However, law of moving averages is also at play here. Thus, I remain neutral on market.

Scenarios for the week ahead (highlighted as yellow box with black lines dissecting scenarios)…

ScenarioProbabilityAnticipated Price Action
ConsolidationMedBetween 16350 and 16150
DowntrendMedIf breach below 16150; to drop somewhere till 16000
UptrendMedIf breach above 16350; to rise somewhere till 16500

The liquidity forces continue to rule this uptrend. As long as inflation rates remain in check, there is no reason for money to exit stock markets.

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