Aug21-W4: Nifty Option Trades beat target CAGR

I have clocked my second maximum ROI this week. The highest annualized ROI was 80.68% in the first week of July series. Successes like these are important when the going is good. Selling options is risky and losses are unavoidable. So, maximizing the gains when they come helps in averaging the inevitable red numbers. Nonetheless, it is very important for me to do this analysis only on weekend and not during the week. I could have earned more if I had adhered to this principle.

So I sold OTM strangles from Aug 13 to Aug 18 whose daily candles were like this:

Here are the results:

Net Profit (after deducting brokerage)Capital deployed (approx)Week’s ROIAnnualized ROI for this weekTotal no. of weeks traded till todayAnnualized  return till today
Rs. 5,344.17Rs. 7,11,3840.751%47.58%1115.24%

The following is breakdown of week’s positions:

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