Apr21-W2: Beats estimates

As I review, I am now realizing that the market made a doji candle on the weekly timeframe. And all these days, I was wondering why there is so much volatility in the market. As the saying goes, don’t miss forest for the trees.

So the below are the 4 candles during which I took trades, with each day being completely contrary to what I was anticipating (more details here)

Anyhow, here are the results:

Net Profit (after deducting brokerage)Capital deployedWeek’s ROIAnnualized ROI
Rs. 4,000Rs. 6,40,0000.625%38.26%
Where annualized return = ((1+week’s return in decimal)^52)-1)*100

In honesty, the key reason for achieving higher return was sheer luck. Though I was expecting consolidation during the week, but the way it happened was baffling to me. My daily basis analysis backfired (more details here) and I had no choice but to sell options on both sides. Basically, theta decay saved the week. But then, that’s what the strategy is all about, isn’t it?

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